Maybe never is to maybe fit only their own

Who would you stay, in addition to yourself, others will not have to choose to actively optimistic in the face, even if it is the plight of ......

Again like to eventually leave, no one will eventually leave you, leaving only the back ...... decisive turn, do not hesitate ......

What we can grab their own respective efforts sun waiting for my own piece of tender

To fight for their own residence

Some things and then how to fight not your not your not let you cry your hiss Mo insist he will not stay with you ...... then turned to leave the respective

Shoelaces or perhaps still exudes the habit has been perhaps fit short disheveled

I am still eager to Allah that stay put lights are still around, I just had to stay I left myself no man

Maybe never is to maybe fit only their own

God I was the bitten apple that is because you compare what love and affection for my sake, I do not see why that has been waiting for me why I'm always in the chase

Desire the Lamp!

vendredi 29 novembre 2013 05:10

Break up the day before, I told her confession .

Break up the day before, I told her confession .


I almost was struggling before the message was sent out of . Then turn off the phone and computer , head buried in the bed, curled up in one . I thought: it should be all over ...

Dark mind was more easily flashed past silence those memories, just like the night sky outside the window then all of a sudden lightning polished again and again the whip in my heart, to the brain brings instant vague memory , and suddenly fell into the silence of the darkness .


Our encounter is not romantic , because at this distance Jinan more than thirty kilometers of engineering school itself is nothing romantic at all. When I first came here not even a library . Imagine how can a soul pure land on the lack of romantic flowers should be the heart of this , recall from always people marvel . Those libraries movie romance encounter people in the mountains job is a project which is always painful , at least for now we do , yes. Later Books administrative building off campus when we first entered the body with scaffolding that green dress , a red jacket like is situated in the center of campus . Do not think that romantic story since it began. Because, it will open like banks , even after class does not allow you to stop and turn a book , he would close the door closing, and talk about romance , punch out who you know , will not give you even just to stay close books of the time .

I forgot we were brought together in a kind of time , and perhaps my momentary tremor, point a bit qq on the people in the vicinity , perhaps my emotionally micro-channel shake, but I swear I was clicked his way in , but in such a fortuitous moment found a familiar face appeared in front of me in search of a mind I know everyone's image, but how does not have remembered who she was. Maybe it's just my subconscious , and now want only to say so , because I simply do not know her , but has a feeling of deja vu .

Please allow us to recognize is that the mediocre way , because in such a romantic atmosphere of the campus we have not only the case.

Even so , I think we destined enough . Is not it ? We chose the same point in time with a chat tool. If so, we talked very speculative , every night we always cackle to the lights off the net , and then she would


lundi 11 novembre 2013 10:23

The passionate and humorous smile


Home and everything, but also. See Han Jia and name, as if to see his people, there is a feeling of intimacy.

First, know Han Jia and, two years ago in a friend's party, listen to the State Bureau for letters and calls Duan Heping. He said that the comrades is a warm, friendly, and now, the Federation of industry and Commerce minister. You do not prevent him to meet, your future development only benefits.

More than a friend road. So, I take the initiative, you really want to make him the friend. He saw that day, fruit - as the name suggests, he is kind, gentle, generous, temperament, smile, warm, humor, can make such a friend, is a great honor for me, let me feel happy.

Once, he came to my store, we hit it off. First met, brief encounter, he impressed me deeply, that warm humor smile, the smile, then stored in my memory of the album is, when open, I will have a new benefit.

Usually, everyone is busy, seldom saw each other. Occasionally he would pass by me in front of the shop, just say hello to each other, the busy each. Sometimes, he would occasionally come to take care of my business, and gradually we became old acquaintances, friends.

I really hope to have a chance with him bragging chat, talk about the heart nest in words, would like to take this opportunity, increase each other's feelings, let friendship fountain constantly spewing out enduring as the universe, friendship, let happiness touches every one happy string.

Once, he came to my shop where, in the chat, I just want to talk to him. I said I want to go to Kunming to visit a friend, bring him back some local products. But I did not go by car. The bus is not convenient to carry things, up and down. If you have friends to go to Kunming by way of a car. Who knows, the careless, the listener interested.

That afternoon, a friend invited me to go to the forest hotel to drink, I received the Korean family and teacher's telephone: "Hu kaishu, don't you want to go to Kunming? Today, we take you to go to, immediately start." I heard his voice, my music can be bad. Many days passed, I forget this thing, didn't expect him to really put my words in mind. Visible home and earnest, honest, sincere attitude to friends, I really respect him as a person and work. I hurriedly evacuated the wine, hurry back to the.

The hitch a ride, all the way to Kunming. See the desire of friends, shoot two hawks with one arrow, what is there against it?


I came to restaurants, packed agricultural products for cars. Not a little while, he drove to my shop front.

In fact, go to Kunming, there are bus, Mengzi also opened a new train, is much more convenient and helpful, but I lone gun handed, carrying so many heavy things, not to save the dozens of nearly 100 car. But want to hitch a ride, a convenient map. To the city of Kunming, not to get on and off, shunting trains, you move onto the next. And the teacher seems piercing eye, read my mind, then to me just humor with a laugh, then let him see through the secret, I was flush with shame.

mardi 05 novembre 2013 07:14


In real life, Chinese everywhere. Life almost anything can be expressed by words, words to write. Language is a tool of human communication, is the main way to communicate verbally, save the information, it can express their feelings, thoughts, statements describing things...... In short life cannot do without language.

When your parents talk and walk, and when you and friends quarrel, when you and my classmates chat on, Chinese is gentle, cheerful, warm sound, around you.

The street, the language is everywhere. Those hawkers Zhengda yell their jingle, look, the field guys are holding a meat string, and attract customers "Xinjiang mutton string mouth, very sweet, very good, give me some string". The chastity doggerel, but brings a feeling of intimacy, even the original deserted business at Xinglong. All kinds of stores to attract pedestrians with their unique store brand vision, like some shops through on idiom to attract sb.'s attention, such as a barber shop the idiom "dragnet" changed to "hair wave", the short words vivid, to show the image of the store features, let people full of fresh, more rich language and culture!

Television, short precision welding advertisements are also full of the charm of the language. There are advertisements such a cosmetics: as early as possible under the "spot", not "pox" leave. Expression up easy, but yet humorous and witty, if cannot master the language skills, this novel, creative advertising words come from? The charm of the language is infinite, it makes I delude one to folly, and in Chinese the wonderful mood in the travelling.

Therefore, whether in life or in study, Chinese everywhere, we should not only in the classroom of middle school Chinese, should be more in life found in language, language learning, use of language!

"All Chinese" life, this is really. Do not believe, you see!

In the street, diversiform advertisement also make full use of the knowledge of Chinese language. "If your car can jump, please to leave, do not brake", that the public service advertising people could not help but laugh, it overtones in conversation, the meaning is implied., with humorous language, bring aesthetic pleasure to the people, and Enlightenment: do not do something, on a should not do, must accomplish "will brake"; "borrows asked wineshop where has, the shepherd boy points at Xinghuacun", it borrows a poet under the pen of Du Mu "Qingming", wrote "Xinghuacun" brand of wine of good quality, wide market.

Just imagine, if there is no Chinese foundation is very deep, how to write such a good language. From these advertisements, I saw the chinese.

mardi 29 octobre 2013 02:57

Towards the distant!

With the season so, man and man?
In this world, the person and the person the most remote distance than two people every day. But unknown to each other! Even if has in hand, heart is like a stranger, I, who, not injured!
The heart, has been confused, this section of sentiments, which a margin, is doomed to this life predecessor, or practice?
Once, meet you, is my most beautiful memories; now forever, you are my most cannot tell. At that time, your gentle, considerate of you, you're fine, you all conquered me, this life, decided and son together; but this time, you too care about, you distrust, your subjective paranoid irresolute and hesitant, you, you, you all and everything in the wound me, you, he insists, take each other's heart to the distant, this world, really can and old Zi Tong?
In twelve years of seasons, more than four thousand a day and night, each other, who attracted the who, who was hurt who?
Do not spend, across, the distance is beautiful?

mercredi 23 octobre 2013 02:52


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